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Fleur d'écume has the label environment Clévacances

Charm, comfort and Ecology

Our guesthouse has been awarded the Environment awarded by the Clévacances accommodation tourism friendly environment that meet a strict charter.

Here are some criteria for this label :

The house is built of wood, a renewable resource that is environmentally

The insulation is made of cellulose wadding

All waste is subject to a sorting

Vegetable waste is composted to make fertilizer for the garden

The house is heated with wood and gas boiler with a very low consumption

The paint used to receive official eco-labels

Rainwater is collected and used for exterior maintenance and flushing

The cleaning staff receive official eco-labels or are natural

The garden is cultivated by the principles of organic farming

The appliances used are energy efficient and water

Breakfasts consist of products from organic farming

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